What is the difference between the 'Home' and 'My Home' menu items?

Clicking the Home menu item will take you back to the home page of Online CPD.homeMyHome

Click the My Home menu item will take you to your enrolled course list. You may need to login to the site before you can view your courses.

How do I edit my profile?

Click on your name the top right of the page.  Click on Edit Profile.editProfile

How do I know if I have already passed a course?

progressBarThe progress bar at the right hand side of your course will tell you if you have completed all sections of the course.  In addition, if a certificate is issued for the course, this will become available once you have completed all course requirements. 

Mousing over the green bar will give you the names of the course sections you have completed.  The Section names are also link directly to that part of the course.

Why am I not able to get a certificate?

You need to be in the course for a set length of time to qualify for the cpd points. Go back in and spend more time in the forum or reading some of the material again.

You have not answered enough of the questions correctly.

You are not enrolled in the course.

I am entering the correct answer into a question where I have to fill in the missing words but it says I am wrong. Why?

Check the spelling of your answer - you must spell the word(s) correctly to be accepted.Check that you have not put in any commas (,) or other characters.

How do I use User Bookmarks?
  • To bookmark a course page: Make sure you are on the page you wish to bookmark. Click on the Users Bookmarks bar in the left hand menu.  This will open your bookmark list.  At the bottom of the list is a link labelled, "Bookmark this site". A small window will open with a field containing the page title.   You can edit this field if you wish.   Click the OK button to set the bookmark or cancel if you do not wish to proceed.
  • To return to a page, open the User Bookmarks as above.  Click on the link for the course page you wish to return to.
  • You can edit bookmarks by clicking on the small pen symbol to the right of the link.  This allows you to change the name of the bookmark.
  • To delete a bookmark, click on the X symbol to the right of the bookmark.





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