Stream One:  Determinants of Health

Course One, Level Two (C1L2) 

 Topic: Determinants of Health 

 Course Topic 

This workshop introduces you to the social determinants of health.  Youtube clips, TED talks and resources are provided to explore the topic further. The workshop contains online activities that you need to complete.  On completion of the workshop you will receive a certificate of accomplishment The workshop is delivered in 4 sections:  Introduction, Housing, and Education as examples of social determinants of health, Equity and Health promotion actions.


Assessing your knowledge 

To enable you to assess your own progress, we will ask you to answer some questions at certain points along the way. These questions will also encourage you to move along, at a reasonable pace, towards successfully completing your course.


How long is this course? 

It will take you an average of two hours to complete this course. But for your own interest and benefit, you can read and study in details some of the information we will give you. 


What are the learning outcomes for you? 

As a result of completing this course, you will be able to: 


  • Understand what is meant by the social determinants of health 
  • Understand how one social determinant of health influences other determinants of health 
  • Identify health promotion actions to reduce inequalities in health 
  • Gain knowledge of tools and resources to support health promotion practice



To master your topic, you need to master the three learning outcomes mentioned above. 

They are all related. Based on these learning outcomes, the course is divided into four sections.


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