CLAD Services provides a series of short business courses covering strategy, operations, marketing and finance. Each will assist you to produce a plan for the topic and together they make up a full business plan. If you plan to complete all four courses we suggest you start with The Strategy.

These courses are designed for small business owners and managers as well as people who are considering going into business. They are practical rather than academic and assist you to develop plans for your own business. Each course breaks all of the learning outcomes down into small, manageable chunks. There are written lessons, references, graphics, sound files and videos.

There are seven lessons in each course and an assignment at the end of each lesson that adds a component to your plan. You will receive a CLAD Services Certificate of Completion when you have completed all of the lessons and activities. You also have the option to submit your plan to be marked and receive feedback from the course facilitator.

There are approximately 15 hours of work in each course and you will have access to the course for six months from the time you enrol.

These courses have been written by Lisa Metcalfe of CLAD Services. For more information about Lisa and CLAD Services visit their website:

Introduction to Business Planning

ThisĀ FREEĀ course briefly looks at the four areas of business planning. There are five lessons. This course will start yo...


The Strategy

Before you start to plan where you are going with your business you need to identify where you are now. It is just like ...

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The Operations Plan

Operations planning is about looking at the efficiency and effectiveness of all the resources in your business. This inc...

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The Marketing Plan

Marketing is more than just advertising and selling. It is how you identify what your customers want and how you provide...

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The Financial Plan

This course will show you how to develop a financial plan for your business plan. The learning outcomes for the course a...

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