All SLTs participating in VFSS should gain and maintain knowledge of radiation safety practices for themselves and their patients within the workplace. All SLTs should understand the implications of prolonged radiation and minimise patient exposure through carefully considered liquid/ food/ strategy selection
Miles, A. et al (2010) New Zealand Speech-language Therapist’s Clinical Guideline for Videofluoroscopic Study of Swallowing. New Zealand Speech-language Therapy Association (NZSTA).

This teaching supplement provides you with a basic level of theory in the area of radiation safety. It does not aim to ensure your clinical competency but may contribute to your overall continuing professional development within this specialist area. Local policy & supervisor advice should be taken to ensure theory is applied safely & appropriately into practice.

  • Learning objectives, content and self-learning quiz by Dr. Anna Miles, New Zealand Speech-language Therapists' Association - Clinical Expert Adult Dysphagia
  • Power point presentation by Dr. Jacqui Allen FRACS

Learning Objectives

  1. To define the principles of ionizing radiation during fluoroscopy.
  2. To describe the possible effects of ionizing radiation on an adult, child and fetus.
  3. To describe the effects of time, distance and shielding on the radiation effect for patient and therapist and how to reduce it.
  4. To describe the New Zealand National Radiation Laboratory (NRL) Policy for safe practice including radiation monitoring and radiation protective equipment.
  5. To describe the roles and responsibilities of the members of the radiation team in radiation safety.

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  • The ability to listen to the commentary with either headphones &/or speakers

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