Welcome to the first in our series on Neurodegenerative disease and Palliative care. We are very excited to be bringing these courses to you and hope they make a difference to your practice.

Our plan for this series is to begin looking at some of the questions that were posed by clinicians in New Zealand relating to this topic because this may be the very topic that you have thought of yourself and not felt competent enough to ask.

The first of these training modules is going to be an introduction with a hint of things to come. It is going to be a pit stop tour, sharing with you the topics we are going to go into more depth on in subsequent trainings. I am hoping that each module will have for you a video to view, some poetry or some prose or some arts based enquiry tools to reflect on, some journal articles and references, and some web links and resources.

The participant will be able to:

  • Find out what palliative care means for you as an Allied Health professional
  • Be informed by patients talking about their experience of having a life limiting condition.
  • Understand the meaning of advanced care planning
  • Complete ACP level I for yourself to heighten your understanding of palliation
  • Begin to explore some local, national, and international resources
  • Considering what a ceiling of care means
  • Learn how to begin preparing yourself to look after the needs of another with a life limiting condition. 

Course Author:

Fiona Hewardine

Over the last thirty something years I have been privileged to walk along side many palliative journeys. “Many times what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens” Gracious Heart, known in Maori as Ngakaumahaki; and I think something in there was for me a learning on how to develop that special listening skill and be responsive to the patient's and the family’s needs.

I have read lots of different articles where things resonated with me so what I am hoping that this palliative module will offer you is some inspiration, a place to look for further information and some very basic concepts to begin or grow your thinking. I am hoping to make these palliative tasters something that will be big enough to inform you but small enough not to invade your day but to ignite your knowledge to learn more or to grow a designer pair of ears!

The other important thing for me to put together in preparing this information was to ask the experts, the patients who are on those palliative and terminal journeys what we should know, what advice have they for us and if we can listen they can tell us. So I am hoping that the videos that have been recorded for you, from these patients, bring you the wisdom that will make the difference to how you approach your palliative patient.

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