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The New Zealand Library Association Inc. (operating as LIANZA) is the professional organisation for the New Zealand library and information management profession.

In 2007 LIANZA established a Profession Registration Scheme and provides a framework and programmes for the library and information professional to continue their professional development and to receive awards and recognition for professional attainment.

LIANZA courses hosted on Online CPD contribute to LIANZA members' professional development.

All courses in this category are copyrighted to the Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa and/or the course authors.

Prices listed are for individuals only. Organisations can approach the LIANZA office directly for a team membership as part of their LIANZA membership.

Develop your personal learning network

A personal learning network or PLN is the people you have surrounded yourself with who challenge you, and help you learn...

From $50.00

Getting to Grips with Social Media

Social media is becoming more and more prominent in our lives - and provides a low-cost platform for organisations to sp...

From $50.00

An Introduction to Leadership

In a time of rapid and dynamic change, there are limitless opportunities for people to develop their leadership skills a...

From $50.00

Effective Governance - Some guidelines to get you started

Making a decision to stand for election of a governing body of a community organisation is not one that should be taken ...

From $50.00

An Introduction to Research for Information Professionals

This course presents an introduction to research to support the work of those wishing to undertake research in library a...

From $50.00

Searching Subscription Databases

While there is a lot of useful information on the free Web, your library gives you access to even more valuable resource...

From $50.00

Copyright: Guidelines for Librarians

This course includes most of what you need to know about Copyright Law in New Zealand and how it affects libraries and l...

From $50.00

Collection Management Series
Management Toolkit