Wendy Richards: Gordon’s Music Learning Theory – a fresh approach to music teaching and learning

Edwin Gordon was an American Music Educator who drew from the works of the great music educators before him to develop his Music Learning Theory (MLT). His writings provide new insights into the way humans learn music and incorporate a comprehensive view of music literacy, with audiation as the fundamental skill.  

Exploring MLT has led me to question many of the assumptions I had relied on for much of my teaching career. This presentation will provide a brief overview of Gordon’s theory and explore how it can influence teaching and learning processes in the studio. Topics of interest will include developing audiation, and rhythmic understanding using MLT principles and Gordon’s syllable system. 

Wendy Richardsis currently half-way through a PhD in music education with a particular focus on the music learning theories of Edwin Gordon. Her specific area of interest is music braille pedagogy, but she comes from a studio pedagogy background teaching piano and flute. Most of her teaching still takes place in a studio setting so much of her learning is adapted to individual or small group teaching.  


How long is the presentation?  

15 minutes 


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A browser capable of playing YouTube video. 

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