Melody Deng: Storytelling as a powerful teaching tool  

Storytelling is a powerful pedagogical tool: a well-told story is engaging and captivating and can be a vehicle for imparting knowledge. Children enjoy them, as they open up their hearts and minds. Inside the story you can load up the information you want to teach, and without your listeners even realising it, you’re causing them to assimilate that information right into their minds. 

You can teach so much to beginner music students through stories. I’d like to show how you can teach the notes on the stave, and how they relate to the notes on the piano, through stories. You can also teach rhythm, dynamics, sharps and flats, and other aspects of beginner theory through stories. I find that children love learning this way, and that they can grasp and retain abstract concepts easily when they are presented in the form of a story. 

Melody Deng is a pianist, international presenter, adjudicator, and a passionate piano educator. With more than ten years of professional piano teaching behind her, she is proud to have nurtured many students who became life-long music lovers and musicians. Her expertise as well as her continuous professional development in the field of piano pedagogy has helped her students excel not only in exams, competitions, recitals and in life.  
Melody completed a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance with First Class Honours under the tutelage of the world-renowned teacher Rae de Lisle. It was during this time she became fascinated with the different pedagogical approaches in piano teaching. She then researched the teaching of piano technique extensively and presented her findings through a series of seminars at the University of Auckland. Melody dedicated her Master's Degree researching the teaching of musical expression, in which she interviewed and observed the lessons of some of the most successful teachers in New Zealand. Her research confirmed her belief that all children can learn to play music expressively and enjoyably - it all depends on how they are taught and their learning environment. Her research also led her to find and compile many strategies and processes used to foster these abilities in her students.  
Melody is an associate member of the Institute of Registered Music Teachers of New Zealand (IRMTNZ). She is a regular presenter of seminars and workshops for music teachers and students through the IRMTNZ, as well as guest lecturing at the University of Auckland.  


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