How it Works for the Professional Body

Your organisation provides the raw material for the CPD - this will be in the form of a written electronic document and/or video and/or graphics.

  1. CLAD Online re-formats the material for online delivery and sets up a series of questions for members to answer to verify their understanding of the learning (these questions will be created in consultation with your organisation).
  2. Your organisation charges your members and others a fee for attending courses hosted in Online CPD.
  3. CLAD Online hosts and maintains the course site and looks after registrations and support.
  4. Participants request to enroll on the course and are given details to pay your organisation.
  5. Each day you will receive a report of who has enrolled so you can check this with your bank account for payment.
  6. You notify CLAD Online that payment has been received.
  7. CLAD Online gives the participant access to the course.
  8. Each month CLAD Online invoices you for the total number of enrolments for the month.

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